Steelcase Think Chair Review

The Think chair is a well-known chair by furniture manufacturer Steelcase. The Think offers some engineering and design concepts that help it stand apart from the competition. For starters, the think is made of up to 37% recycled material and, at the end of its life, is up to 98% recyclable itself. As far as design and features go, let’s look at some of what makes the Steelcase Think unique:

Back – The Think’s back is made up of individual flexors that conform to and support your back. Rather than being a single piece of hard plastic support, it allows contoured support for each area of the user’s back.

Lumbar – There is an available lumbar support option which can be adjusted vertically. While the lumbar support is not as adjustable or intricate as on some other chairs, it is still a nice touch and provides a bit of extra support if needed.

Recline Mechanism – This chair has a unique recline that is weight-activated. What this means is the chair uses the user’s weight to determine the tilt tension and as such there is no tilt tension control in the traditional sense. There are 4 tilt settings, however, that are controllable by a dial that you turn, allowing the following settings:

1) Full range tilt (weight-activated)
2) Full range tilt (weight-activated + 20% boost in resistance)
3) Mid range tilt (stops halfway back)
4) Locked upright

During recline, the seat does not tilt back, which means you won’t drop lower than your desk when you recline. This feature helps you get a better stretch and also allows for comfortably working from a reclined position.

Seat Depth – The seat slides forward and backward allowing the chair to be used by people of different heights.

Flexible Seat Edge – The front of the seat is soft and flexible to help prevent it from cutting off circulation to your legs which is something that can be a problem in chairs with plastic lips around the edge of the seat.

4-D Adjustable Arms – The Think’s arms are some of the best in the industry. Not only are they fully adjustable arms that can do up, down, in, out, forward backward, and pivot in and out, but they are also high quality and feel solid and don’t slide around easily if you accidentally bump them.

Mesh back – A mesh back helps promote air circulation and keeps you cool.

The chair is also available with a fabric back and also in all leather, although these options may not promote air flow as well as the mesh back.

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