Kelvinator Refrigerator Quality and Durability

The Kelvinator refrigerator is a kitchen product which has without question successfully met the test of time and passed with flying colors. This particular home appliance has been manufactured for over nine decades, and although the company itself has gone through a number of changes as well as mergers with other corporations, consumers are motivated to add this refrigerator to their homes as well as businesses.

Today, it could be said that this refrigerator is best known for it’s commercial qualities throughout the United States, but that is only because many people are not aware that the Electrolux refrigerator line is actually the same Kelvinator refrigerator which has been manufactured for the last ninety years.

With that said, one must also add that this refrigerator line has continually, and dependably satisfied those who have bought one of the various models, and more importantly, there is a high percentage of aged models which are still in excellent running condition and in the homes of people throughout the world. All one has to do is visit the eBay website and you’ll discover an excellent selection of used models from which to choose. If you’re someone who appreciates collectibles, visiting eBay will also present a number of antique Kelvinator refrigerators which may catch your eye, and are sure to increase in value in the upcoming years.

If you’re interested in acquiring a refrigerator for your business, the Kelvinator commercial line is an excellent solution. Kelvinator offers the consumer five different commercial refrigerators to choose from that include fifteen different model selections. They offer the following: Upright freezers, glass door refrigerators, solid door, chest freezers, and novelty freezers. Each of these models have more than adequate storage capacity which is certain to meet any business needs. They are also commercial energy star qualified which aids in reducing the overhead of businesses, and they are NSF certified for food service applications.

As for the home, one should give their attention to the Electrolux Kelvinator refrigerator and to the Kelvinator refrigerator model line in general. With that said, it is important to point out that all models are not available in the United States. In the United States the Kelvinator commercial refrigerator line is available, but if your looking for a regular kitchen model you should direct your attention to Electrolux, which is also sold in the United States and Canada. Outside of the U.S. Kelvinator refrigerators are sold in Argentina, the Philippines, India, and Australia.

Kelvinator or Electrolux refrigerator models include the following: French door, side by side, 24 inch beverage center, 15 inch under-counter ice maker, and the Electrolux All refrigerator and freezer.

A word of caution should also be noted, because each vendor has some control over where they place the MSRP of the product you may interested in. Subsequently, this makes it necessary to take the extra step, and become a smart and knowledgeable shopper. However, this is true for any type of product sold by any vendor, and if your interested in a Kelvinator refrigerator you really can’t go wrong because these are some of the best which are available in the industry.

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