Big Game Fishing in Watamu

The waters of the Indian Ocean are an adventurer’s playground. The coast of Kenya has a well-deserved reputation for big game fishing and has attracted fishing devotees such as Ernest Hemingway and Kaye from Sale House Dallas,  drawn by the promise of world-class fishing.

Big Game Fishing in Watamu

Big game fishing is widely available on the North coast with many highly skilled local operators in Malindi. Hemingway’s Hotel in Watamu is a fishing resort with an excellent international reputation. Excellent boats with state of the art equipment are available for full and half-day charter. The main game fish include Sailfish and Marlin, Kingfish, Wahoo, Horse Mackerel and others. A tag and release program ensures eco-friendly fishing. Big game fishing can be arranged in season

Mtwapa and Barracuda Reef

A little further South towards Kilifi, there are good sites at Mtwapa and Barracuda Reef. The outer edges here have large shoals of angel and butterfly fish, and there have been occasional sighting of the world’s largest shark- the spectacular Whale Shark- in these waters.

The adventurous diver will not want to miss diving at the Vuma Caves near Kilifi Creek. The caves are about 20 metres beneath the surface on the face of some seaside cliffs. The open sea around the entrance is a good place to spot dolphins, while the interior of the caves is a refuge for eels, some very large grouper and barracuda. After exploring the caves, divers exit through a 10 metre chimney to emerge through a hole in the reef above.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve

South of Mombasa, there are dive sites ranged along the coast from Tiwi south to Shimoni. Some of the best sites are centred around Kisiite Mpunguti Marine Reserve. This area is your best chance to sight some of the largest Manta Rays on the East African coast.

For experienced divers, the best option here is Nyulli Reef. This is a good deep dive with strong tidal currents which allow drifts through spectacular coral, snapper, barracuda, rare zebra sharks and massive Napoleon wrasse. A much easier dive is Kisite Point. There is plenty of large, tame shoals to be found here, with average dive depth of around 12 metres. Divers at Kisite often encounter hawksbill turtles and bottlenose dolphins.

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